Our Guarantee

Our Realtor® services are guaranteed

We guarantee that you will be 100% fully satisfied with our services. We back up this guarantee with our "Easy Out" provision we will include in our agreement with you.

What is your greatest fear about listing your home with a real estate agent or hiring one to help you buy a home? Is it that you will be trapped into a long agreement with an agent who’s not very competent, or is too pushy, or you just don’t like? This is, unfortunately, not an uncommon nor unreasonable concern.

We want to alleviate that issue! Just take advantage of the "Easy Out" agreement that we offer. You will receive a written agreement that allows you to list your home through us or hire us to represent you in your purchase and, if you wish, you may cancel the agreement at any time with no arguments! You can:

  • Cancel your listing at any time if you should become unhappy with our service.
  • Cancel the exclusive agency representation agreement with us at any time if you should become unhappy with our service.
  • Relax, secure in the knowledge that you’re not bound by a long-term contract.
  • Enjoy the quality of service that is assured enough to make this offer.
We firmly believe that if you are not satisfied with the service you are receiving, you should have the option to cancel your listing or other agreement with us and look for better service elsewhere. Obviously, we must be pretty confident in the quality of our service to make this offer! That’s because we have very high standards and we will not settle for less. And neither should you!

Before you hire any Realtor®, ask them if they are willing to match this offer. If not, give us a call!